iPod controls

Starting with 2.4.0, you can enable XBMC Commander to use the control buttony on your iPads lock screen!
To enable this feature, go to the iPads system settings, locate XBMC Commander, and enable the „control XBMC from lockscreen (beta)“ setting.
If you now double tap your home button you’ll either get the remote control interface on the lock screen if your device is locked, or in the multitasking bar (by swiping to the left) if it isn’t.
This requires XBMC Commander to be the last „audio“ app that ran on your iPad.

Known limitations:

  • The currently playing item info will only update once a button is pressed.
  • The Airplay button won’t so anything
  • The volume slider will affect the iPads volume, not XBMCs volume.
These are due to the way apple provides access to these items, and at least for iOS 5 theres nothing i can do about it.